Using Mindfulness to Heal from Trauma

Join Les as he shares how to use meditation and mindfulness techniques to heal from trauma. Trauma can show up in a lot of different ways, including from chronic stress or childhood experience that we aren’t even aware stored in our body from our past. The nervous system automatically responds in situations of stress and…

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Five Powerful Benefits of Practicing Meditation

In this video, Les discusses five of the many powerful benefits of regular meditation practice. While this is not the entire list of effects of meditation, they are some of the really helpful ones that can help motivate you to continue or get started meditating. They give you a “why” to connect with to keep…

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Practice using your Values to Live with Less Suffering and More Joy

Learn to reconnect with your values to navigate the various experiences in your life.  This allows you to respond skillfully in alignment with these values rather than reacting without thinking. Check out the Living Fulfilled course for a deeper dive into this topic.  Enrollment is opening soon: https://www.themindfulmovementcourses… Stay tuned for more to come.  Let…

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