Five Foundational Movement Patterns

This is a series of videos teaching and demonstrating the five foundational movement patterns:

  • Rolling
  • Crawling
  • Walking
  • Hinging
  • Squatting

Practicing these five movement patterns in some way, every day, can help retrain your body to move more efficiently, and in some cases improve posture and alleviate pain.

If you haven’t yet, check out the Mindful Minutes videos where Les discusses the context of movement goals with you. This is the place to get started: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCQACBUblTbX1oHzX9Se_OP8Iv7pEC-Zm

Pattern 1: Rolling

This is the first form of movement developed when you are a baby. It might look very simple, however there are a lot of qualities that are developed in this process. The way we spend our time as adults makes it easy to loose those qualities, so it is important to come back to practicing this pattern as a foundation.

Pattern 2: Crawling

A lot of great things happen from the quadruped position. This is a continuation of developing contralateral movement and coordination of our arms and legs. This is our first real form of locomotion that allows us to get around when we were babies. As adults, we can gain a lot of benefits and our bodies can learn from being in this position and practicing this movement.

Pattern 3: Walking

This is a pattern that as adults we are familiar with to this movement to get around. Les teaches you about the qualities to train in this pattern so we can get more effective at doing this.

Pattern 4: Hinging

Hinging is the pattern where we go from a vertical standing position to a horizontal position. We need to be proficient at this pattern to pick things up off the ground. Les teaches you how to control your spine and move from your hips in this pattern.

Pattern 5: Squatting

This pattern can be practiced daily to maintain the ability to be strong when sitting down and getting back up again, which is something you may do frequently every day. Les gives you many options for training your current ability level. If we want to have the ability to do this movement for as long as possible, practice it often.

Stay tuned for videos putting all of these patterns together in short practices to be done daily or before more strenuous physical activity.  

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