20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation for Letting Go — Symbolism of Fall

Join Sara as she guides you through a 20-minute mindfulness meditation for letting go, contemplating the symbolism of the season of Fall. Each of the seasons has it’s own energy and symbolism that indicates where nature is in its yearly cycle. As humans, energetically, we are closely connected to, and directly affected by, the rhythms of nature. Knowing this, today’s meditation will build on and use the energy of the season to help you move through your own seasonal cycle and energetic shift.

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We hope you enjoy!
Headphones recommended for optimal experience.
Do not listen while driving.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Photo Credit: Dan Freeman from Unsplash.com
Music Credit: Heart Meditation by Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

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About the author, Sara

Sara is the founder of The Mindful Movement and the owner of Coreworks Fitness, a Pilates and Yoga studio in MD. Sara is also a Master Pilates and CoreAligh instructor with Balanced Body.

Sara is passionate about helping others grow and live mindful, fulfilled lives. She helps others move better, feel better, live with a deep awareness, gratitude and their whole heart. She strives to inspire others live authentically and passionately in love and abundance.


  1. Sarah Macleod on 11/04/2018 at 4:35 PM

    Dear Sara, to say thank you for the wonderful meditations provided and the wonderful concept of the Mindful Movement doesn’t seem enough. I came to meditation when menopause and severe anxiety started affecting my life acutely. I like to think that some higher force guided me to finding you, I have found your meditations (and now look forward to the new weekly meditation!) so utterly relaxing, I have discovered the power of using my own positivity and take time every single day to sit in meditation – to practice loving kindness and spread the glow that seems to radiate within when you go within, listening to the wonderful, wonderful music that accompanies the sessions. My Mum said to me, you got so sick, I now say, yes I did it was because I was meant to follow this new path in life and find a new me that was calmer and kinder to myself. I will live my life with mindfulness here on in, my life has been profoundly changed for the better. Experiencing challenging situations, I now am able to go within, breathe and shut out the noise and stress emerging re-energized – it is a skill I will keep building on. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do – be so proud of yourself for giving the world your wonderful skill. With love and gratitude, Sarah

    • Sara Raymond on 11/07/2018 at 1:08 PM

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I too believe everything happens for a reason. I am glad to hear you are finding value in the meditation practices. Please let me know if there are any topics you are interested in for future videos.

  2. Irina on 11/15/2018 at 5:41 AM

    Hi, Sara.

    How can one buy and download these videos, other than youtube? Do you have any mp3 files on amazon, for instance?

    Thank you.

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