Episode 003 Interview with Jessie Kates, Yoga and Life from the Heart

Episode 003 Interview with Jessie Kates, Yoga and Life from the Heart
Jessie Kates is a yoga teacher, Lululemon Ambassador, and a Wonderlust presenter, instructor trainer as well as a wife and mom. It is her passion that sets Jessie apart among the large number of yoga teachers in the area. Jessie doesn’t hold back. She is eloquent, edgy, and offers a fresh new perspective to the current landscape of yoga. She sees things differently, presents them differently, and is leading hundreds of students each week to new dimensions of growth and freedom in their personal lives. Jessie has an inspiring way of looking past teaching just the execution of yoga poses and encourages her students to dig deeper into their experience on the mat with her and uncover the ridiculously worthy divine person that is flowing and breathing in the present moment. It is the uncovering of what comes beyond the physical poses that she brings out for students in all of her classes. Jessie does what she does so well because of her desire to cultivate authentic relationships.

On the show, you can hear about Jessie’s experience moving from the toxic environment of a career in sales and event planning and switching into practicing and teaching yoga at just the right time in her life. She shares her “ah-ha” moment in her relationship with yoga that leads her to explore the why of her practice. You won’t want to miss her vulnerable exploration of the choices she and her husband have made that have led to a very challenging time in her life. She shares how her relationship with her husband is always growing in the same direction because they always strive to be kind and to show respect to each other.

“Mindfulness keeps, for me, helping me to tap back into the art of letting myself flow through life in a way that’s open and aware.” “Be more trusting of the guidance of your body and your heart.”

Jessie is passionate about getting yin yoga out to the public because it had such a profound effect on her. For those of you who don’t know much about this style of yoga, Jessie describes it as “the practice of passive release to the deeper layers of the connective tissue in the body.” It is a more introspective style of yoga that brings a deeper sense of calm.

For Jessie, balance is so important as a teacher, so in order to continue to bring yin yoga to the population in her area, she decided to develop a training in her approach to this style. She describes the training as, “Looking at mindfulness and the art of living live with more presence through the lens of yin yoga.” There are some great nuggets of advice Jessie shares for both practitioners in the mindful movement industry as well as anyone out there that wants to live mindfully. You won’t want to miss this one!


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