Episode 004 Interview with Lesley Logan, Doing her Part to Help World Peace

Episode 004 Interview with Lesley Logan

Doing her Part to Help World Peace with Profitable Pilates

Lesley Logan is a fun, upbeat, and very knowledgeable interview guest on this episode of the Mindful Movement that is packed with value and information.

She is a PMA Certified Master Pilates Instructor and has been studying and teaching Joseph Pilates Classical Method since 2005 and 2008 respectively. She also has eight years of retail management experience, and six years managing studios regionally for Equinox fitness clubs. Lesley completed a 600 hour Classical Pilates Teacher Training in LA. Soon after, Lesley completed a Masters Pilates Certification from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.  Because she has a love of learning, Lesley was recently admitted into “The Work,” a masters program taught by one of Joseph Pilates “Elders,” Jay Grimes.  Lesley offers online business courses for beginning to advanced Pilates instructors, studio owners and teacher trainers.  And finally, she is the author of the book Profitable Pilates which is packed with great advice for Pilates instructors.

Lesley “fell” into teaching Pilates after a friend asked her to go to a Pilates class and she decided that she could never do anything else. Like many others entering the world of teaching Pilates and Yoga, Lesley started teaching as a second job.  The difference is that after 90 days of working both jobs, she was able to successfully transition out of her previous, secure full time job with benefits.  There is a lot of fear when you switch careers, but she knew it was what she needed to do and she took the leap of faith.  She shares some lessons learned on her path that she is grateful for that we can all learn from.  Lesley also shares a current challenge she is going through and learning from.

“I love being on the outside of the comfort zone. But then there’s that part of you that’s so scared sometimes, that you just want to go back in. But I find, it’s just better on the outside.”

Every teacher training program needs mentors to teach teachers why they are doing the exercises.  Lesley shares her experience with her mentors as well as her role as a mentor.

“If you are always showing up as yourself, and you are always being as authentic as you can and really true to what you believe, then no matter how you exit something…Everyone knows my true heart.”

“Every single thing happens the way it’s supposed to for a reason.”  “So just experience it.”

Lesley wants to help studio owners around the world because, “The more they do, the more people are doing Pilates, the better, I think, the world is because the more people who do Pilates, the more connected they are to their bodies, and their souls and the better human beings they are, so it’s my way of helping with world peace.” Studio owners, independent contractor, and those instructors renting space within another space—there is some great advice for you in this episode; learn about how to work backwards to make a good system to get the results you want.  “If there is too much pressure to make a certain dollar amount before it’s time, you make decisions under a pressure that you wouldn’t normally make.” She reminds us to charge what you are worth for your services and to start with the end in mind!

Lesley shares her mindfulness practice:  “I make sure that I get my Pilates in and I get my Pilates in.” “We give so much, it’s really important to let someone give to us.”  She also suggests for everyone to “find something you love, and do that.”




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Sara is the founder of The Mindful Movement and the owner of Coreworks Fitness, a Pilates and Yoga studio in MD. Sara is also a Master Pilates and CoreAligh instructor with Balanced Body.

Sara is passionate about helping others grow and live mindful, fulfilled lives. She helps others move better, feel better, live with a deep awareness, gratitude and their whole heart. She strives to inspire others live authentically and passionately in love and abundance.

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