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Guided Mindful Meditation to Relax into Your Resistance

relax into resistance

Episode 019 with Sara Raymond: Guided Meditation to Relax into your Resistance¬† “What you resist, persists.” Practice mindfulness to acknowledge respectfully what is happening, what you are experiencing, and allow it to be what it is. Relax into that which you resist to find freedom. Headphones recommended for optimal experience. Do not listen while driving.…

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Being Present

Episode 018 9_27_17

Episode 018 with Sara Raymond: Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Being Present¬† This is a voice only guided mindfulness meditation with components of hypnosis to help you develop your skill of being mindful and present. It will reduce your stress level, as well as improve your overall health and well being when practiced regularly. Develop confidence…

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