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Yoga Core Flow with Sara

Yoga Core Flow

Welcome to this 40-minute yoga flow with a core focus. Remember to be kind to your body and your spirit during this yoga practice as well as off the mat. Choose nourishing postures during this practice or move vigorously to exert excess energy if that is what your body needs most today. The key is…

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20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation for Letting Go–Symbolism of Fall

Letting go for fall

Join Sara as she guides you through a 20-minute meditation for letting go, contemplating the symbolism of the season of Fall. Each of the seasons has it’s own energy and symbolism that indicates where nature is in its yearly cycle. As humans, energetically, we are closely connected to, and directly affected by, the rhythms of…

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Mindful Tip: Box Breathing

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Box Breathing

Today’s Mindful Tip is sharing with you a simple breathing technique that you can practice to calm down and be present in a short amount of time. Join Les with this practice today and come back to the technique as often as you like. This video is part of the Mindful Tips Series.  Check out…

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