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“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” ~ Deepak Chopra Hello beautiful soul, I frequently find myself prioritizing work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and other responsibilities over taking care of myself! And I know from experience, I feel better, work more efficiently, and I am an all-around happier person when I make…

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Short Meditation to Check in: Live Skillfully When You Awaken to Yourself


Join Sara for this short guided mindfulness meditation to check in and awaken to yourself so that you can live skillfully.  The practice is just under 8 minutes. Sometimes we disconnect and lose the ability to see clearly, to understand ourselves, and therefore might act unskillfully causing stress in our lives.  A short meditation break…

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Alternate Nostril Breathing, A Tip for Living Mindfully


  This is a powerful, yet simple practice that we can do if we don’t have enough time for a traditional meditation session. Alternate nostril breathing can create a great deal of change in a very short period of time. We hope you find value in this mindful tip. Here at The Mindful Movement, we…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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