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Pilates for Beginners 30 Minute Practice

Beginners Pilates

This gentle Pilates video is for all levels. It is a great introduction to Pilates and offers some variations. It is about 30 minutes on your mat. Be sure to listen to your body and move in a way that feels good and does not cause pain. Please leave a comment if you have any…

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Guided Meditation and Energy Clearing to Let Go of the Past and Negative Emotions

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Thank you for joining me today on this journey of letting go. Often times, we may get the advice to just let it go. This is a statement that is easier said than done. Letting go is not an event. It is a practice. And as we practice, we progress in our ability to let…

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Gratitude Affirmations Practice

Morning gratitue affirmations

Gratitude Affirmations Practice Start or end your day with this short gratitude affirmation practice. Begin your day or your dreams with a sense of good feelings and optimism. I hope you enjoy. Headphones recommended for optimal experience. Do not listen while driving. Affirmations written by Les Raymond and read by Sara Raymond Recording edited by…

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