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Mindful Tips: Why Practice Meditation?

Why meditation

This video is part of the Mindful Tips Series. This week in the community forum and our other social media pages, we asked you “Why do you meditate?” In today’s tip, Les shares his perspective on the question. Meditation can facilitate a calm feeling, a reduction of stress, and can be used as a tool…

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Pilates to Improve Posture and Spinal Health

Pilates for Posture

This Pilates practice is a 40 minute workout that is suitable for a variety of levels of ability and experience. The focus of this practice is moving your spine in all directions it can safely go and work on improving posture and spinal health. If you have any physical health concerns, be sure to seek…

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20 Minute Beginners Grounding Meditation for Teens or Any Age

Teen Grounding

20 Minute Beginners Grounding Meditation for Teens or Any Age Today’s 20 minute grounding meditation is a special one. It was written by a teen (my 14 year old daughter), for teens. Meditation is one way to create healthy habits to release stress and decompress. Although this meditation was designed for teens, it can be…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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