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Harmony of Your Inner and Outer Worlds–20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

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Our bodies are programmed to heal, yet an over-thinking mind and over-stressed body will interfere with the healing process. This meditation will guide you to simply focus on your field of awareness in the safe space of the practice. It can help you relax, restore your natural balance and relieve stress that could be getting…

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Seeing the Gift (Part 2): A Mindful Tip


Today’s tip is part 2 about seeing the gifts in your life. We have the choice about how to shape how we shape our experiences. There are lessons we can all gain from the relationship between parent and child. Les will give you a glimpse into his experience with his parents and as a parent…

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Pilates for Upper Body: Balance Your Strength and Mobility


Welcome to today’s 30 minute Pilates practice to help you balance the demands of your upper body, both strength, and mobility. It is important to understand the way your shoulder girdle is meant to move and to encourage those movements so that you don’t lose your range of motion and then build strength around this…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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