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Design your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization


  Thank you for your interest in The Mindful Movement’s Guided Visualization to Design your Dream Life.  Are you living the life of your dreams?  Are you happy with your life and the direction you are going? My guess is: not entirely, or you wouldn’t be here.  Or maybe you are happy, but just want more…

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30 Minute Morning Yoga: Set your Intention and get Energized


Start your day with 30 minutes of yoga with Sara.  Set your intention and move your body in a way that is energizing and feels great.  All you need is your mat and be ready to move.  Be sure to listen to your body and move in a way that feels good and does not…

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Guided Meditation for Anxiety: Quiet the Busy Mind


Guided Meditation for Anxiety: Quiet the Busy Mind Today’s guided mindfulness meditation practice is a wonderful tool to help ease anxiety. It is possible to use this practice to calm the busy mind and sense of overwhelm to relieve stress. Lengthen the space between your thoughts, let go of tension in your body to quiet…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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