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Gentle Yoga for Shoulders and Neck


Join Sara for this 30 minute, gentle yoga practice focused on releasing tension and tightness from your neck and shoulders. If you spend any time sitting in front of a computer or looking down at a smartphone, you may be experiencing chronic or occasional discomfort in your neck and shoulders. In just 30 minutes, you…

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Relaxing 15 Minute Guided Meditation for Balancing Energy


Today’s 15-minute guided meditation will relax you and balance your energy. This practice is a great way to start your day. It can also be used to relieve stress or negative energy. You will be guided to notice your present moment experience and move energy throughout your body to refill where you are depleted and…

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Yoga Core Flow with Sara


Welcome to this 40-minute yoga flow with a core focus. Remember to be kind to your body and your spirit during this yoga practice as well as off the mat. Choose nourishing postures during this practice or move vigorously to exert excess energy if that is what your body needs most today. The key is…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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