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Practice using your Values to Live with Less Suffering and More Joy


Learn to reconnect with your values to navigate the various experiences in your life.  This allows you to respond skillfully in alignment with these values rather than reacting without thinking. Check out the Living Fulfilled course for a deeper dive into this topic.  Enrollment is opening soon: https://www.themindfulmovementcourses… Stay tuned for more to come.  Let…

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Quickly Relieve Stress in Just 10 Minutes / Meditation and Breath Practice


This quick technique is a powerful strategy to reduce stress in a difficult situation. Practice with me as your guide today to learn the technique so you can use it whenever you need it most.  You can come back to this recording as often as you need to refresh the practice in your mind or…

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Our Body and Mind Benefit from Deep Nourishment: 20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

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Take a pause from your events of daily life to take care of yourself so that you can tap into your own personal resources and be more productive. Reboot and refill your energy reserves to reduce your overall stress level with this nourishing mindfulness meditation. You may have heard the saying, you can’t pour from…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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