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Guided Meditation to Open your Heart Chakra and Connect to Loving Kindness


This is a guided meditation for all of humanity. What the world needs now is love. Open your heart chakra to receive and send out loving kindness. This meditation can be practiced first thing in the morning to set the energy of your day. It can also be used before bed to send and receive…

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Kids Bedtime Guided Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep, Read by a Kid


This is a bedtime guided meditation for children. Read by Cos Raymond from Cosimisio YouTube Channel in collaboration with The Mindful Movement. Ten year old, Cos, takes you on a journey to help you fall asleep and get a peaceful nights sleep. Make sure you are safe and ready for bed before turning this recording…

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Guided Meditation Using a Mantra to Set Your Intentions

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This is a guided meditation leads you to set your intentions, create an “I am” statement with your intentions then takes you through a breath awareness scan then a body awareness scan. This short meditation can be repeated daily to solidify your intentions. This recording can be used first thing in the morning or right…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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