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Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Deep Sleep and Confidence


This guided meditation will take you on a journey of relaxation to help you drift off to sleep if you wish or simply relax you. Enjoy a body scan relaxation and a deep dream state experience. Make sure you are in a safe place for the night’s sleep. This recording will help you sleep deeply,…

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Guided Meditation for Forgiveness (male voice)


Join Les Raymond as he guides you on a mindful meditation helping you let go of negative thoughts harbored towards yourself and others. Cultivate the practice of forgiveness and learn how it can set you free. Check back with this meditation every week or as needed. This is not meant to replace the help of…

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Guided Meditation for Self-Acceptance


Join Sara Raymond as she guides you on a mindful meditation to build a sense of unconditional self-acceptance and help you move past the feeling of unworthiness. Cultivate this quality of self-acceptance by coming back to this meditation daily and practicing many moments of awareness throughout each day. Headphones recommended for optimal experience. Do not…

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Design Your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization

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