Healing: Start at the Beginning | Solo Episode with Les Raymond

In this solo episode, Les touches on the role of the nervous system throughout the healing process, and how when we understand it’s infrastructure, we can utilize its role to our advantage. Hope you enjoy! ——————————————————————————– RESOURCES: Playlist of Nervous System Regulation Practices Five Week Coaching Program with Les Join Sara from The Mindful Movement for this FREE…

Recounting Recent Healing Experience | Solo Episode with Les Raymond

In a recent mindful tip, Les mentioned a profound experience while on a solo camping trip in the woods. Some listeners have asked for more details. In this episode, Les dives into how the event unexpectedly unfolded and the surprising effects on the physical body he experienced from what seemed to be an emotional wound.

Supporting the Companies that Support You | Interview with John Wood from US Wellness

Support the practices that support you. Cherishing the soil and honoring the animals. Sourcing food from farmers who share your values.

In this episode, Les chats with John Wood from US Wellness. John has an inside perspective of the food industry and shines light on some important aspects that are crucial for the sustainability of not just our health, but the health of the planet. Enjoy the episode!

Unlocking Individualism in Health | Interview with Dr. Andrew Rostenberg

Interview with Dr Rostenburg

In this episode, Les chats with Author Dr. Andrew Rostenberg from The Red Mountain Clinic and BEYONDMTHFR.com. Dr. Rostenberg’s educational content has allowed Les to turn a meaningful corner on his journey towards better health and Les gets to share that experience while hopefully inspiring others to look for possible missing links in their own healing journey. We hope you enjoy the conversation.