Going Within to Move Forward | Interview with Raj Jana from Staying Grounded

In this interview Les talks with Raj Jana from the Stay Grounded Podcast. Raj delves in to his discovery of himself, and how deepening his connection with what’s true allowed him to navigate relationships and a successful business. Enjoy the episode! More about Raj: https://www.rajjana.com/about/ Check out Sara on The Stay Grounded Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/209-sara-raymond-cultivating-the-courage-to-decide/id1318038490?i=1000544790296 Check…

How Your Movement Practices Will Impact Your Life | Max Shank Interview

In this episode Les chats with Max Shank, author, gym owner, and all around interesting man. Max is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of movement, and is a great communicator of useful life lessons. Max had a tremendous impact on Les’ journey of exercise education and in this interview Les gets the opportunity to share that experience with Max. Hope you enjoy!