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Suelta las Preocupaciones; Cultiva la Paz

Suelta las Preocupaciones

En tiempos de incertidumbre, tenemos la oportunidad para ir por dentro y concentrarnos en lo que esté en nuestras manos. En esta meditación vamos a equilibrarnos a pesar del caos, o sea aprender a convivir con ello. La respiración será una herramienta clave. Escrita por Sara Raymond. Traducida y leída por Mollie Raymond. No escuches…

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Gentle Stretch, Meditation, and Journal Prompt with Sara

stretch and meditate

Join Sara for this feel good practice beginning with some self-massage and work to calm the nervous system. We will follow this with gentle stretching in order to prepare for our short meditation. This practice is gentle and would be appropriate for any time of day you need some calming self-care. If you like, continue…

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Exercise Thinkery with Les – Exercise Consistency

Tip Exercise consistency

In this short Mindful Tip, Les chats about the mental approach to exercise. By identifying qualities associated with an exercise routine and its benefits, you can start to shape your lifestyle to move in a desired direction. More from Les about Exercise: Movement Goals Series​ Foundational Movement Practices​ ++Check out the other mindful tips in…

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Deep Self-Nourishment for Challenging Times

nourishment for challenging times

What would it be like to look at your “so-called” negative qualities, the ones that are keeping you stuck or causing dis-harmony, and go below the surface to curiously inquire, what is at the heart of these qualities? And even more powerful, what would change when you nourish and love that part of you? When…

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