Open Your Heart and Heal Your Energy Sleep Meditation

open heart sleep

We as humans are all energetically connected. My energy is reaching out and connecting with your energy at this very moment. Our energy can be healing or harming. In a world where there is much suffering, let’s make the choice to cultivate the healing energy of kindness, connection, and compassion and see the positive ripple…

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Grounding and Energizing Morning Meditation

Grounding 2022

Whether you are just waking from a night’s sleep and want to start your day with balanced energy, or you are feeling low energy and need a refresh, this grounding and energy balancing meditation is right for you. Fill up with energy, just as you would charge your phone or fill up the tank of…

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How to *Finally* Fire Your Negative Thought Gremlin

negative blog post

I once knew a woman who played basketball in high school. She was a tough defensive player and led her team in steals. She would get the ball from her opponent and sprint down the court for a fast break and an easy lay-up. 
The fans in the stands would yell and scream each time she got the ball and cheer her on as she ran toward the basket, sure she’d make the simple shot and ensure a strong scoring lead.
And then, inevitably, just as she leapt to ease the ball into the net, she’d put too much spin on it, or hit the backboard too hard, or the ball would bounce off the rim. And down the ball would come, without anything to show for all her effort.

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