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Healing in Action: Interview with Mary Ruddick Part 2

Interview Mary Ruddick Pt 2

In this episode Mary Ruddick returns to coach Les on how to move forward during a flare of symptoms. Les opens up about a recent regression after years of chipping away at illness. The audience gets a chance to see how a nutritional consultation unfolds. Enjoy the episode! Watch Part 1 here.​ About Mary: Dubbed…

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Stay Salty: Interview with Robb Wolf

Interview Robb Wolf

In this episode Les chats with Robb Wolf. Robb has an impressive resume and cohosts The Healthy Rebellion Radio podcast with his wife Nicki. Robb’s latest project of providing a delicious way for folks to get some very basic nutrients is discussed, along with the why and how some of us do not get enough…

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Short Guided Meditation to Release the Weight of Stress

Release Stress

Stress can be a physically heavy burden to carry. And when you are able to release this layer of tension from your energetic and physical body, you can enjoy a peaceful, light, and free experience. Join Sara Raymond from The Mindful Movement to release the weight of stress with this short guided meditation. If you…

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