The REAL Secret to Financial Freedom in the New Year (It’s NOT a raise.)

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Tons of people (and many of my hypnotherapy, meditation, and coaching clients) want to make big money moves in the New Year. It’s a top resolution in our culture. And just like any other intention, it takes a thousand tiny shifts to *finally* get where you want to go. But it’s totally possible.
That’s why it’s crucial to set realistic expectations, get the emotional shovel out, and start digging into what it takes to add “Financially Secure” to your identity as something you ARE, not something you strive and struggle to DO.

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How to Feel More Body-Confident (Hint: It starts on the inside, NOT the outside)

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Friends, it seems that everyone wants to lose some weight when the New Year hits. Weight loss goals are among the tippy-top of the resolutions list–and it’s easy to see why. Our culture has equated “thinness” with all sorts of lofty human potential.
Today, let’s talk about how to help you on your Body Confidence pathway–without ever having to change your size or shape.

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