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Develop Confidence, Self-Worth, and Success While You Sleep

Tonight, build positive beliefs about yourself, improve your confidence, and self- worth all while you sleep with this deep sleep hypnosis practice. By using this deep sleep hypnosis practice daily for at least 21 days, you will imprint these positive beliefs into your subconscious and experience the most powerful, positive transformation. Join Sara Raymond, from…

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Find Your Purpose

If you have followed the Mindful Movement on YouTube or the other social media platforms, you likely have heard my voice guiding meditations, possibly followed a Pilates or Yoga practice with me, and likely have seen my face in  photos.  There are a small percentage of our audience who has even worked with one on one or in a small group.  No matter how you have come to know me, perhaps you have some more questions about who I am, what I believe, and how I got to where I am today.  I’d love to introduce myself if you are interested.

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Movement as Self-Care

In this article, you will learn some simple ways to add self care into your life that don’t take too much time. Do you think self-care is about getting a massage or treating yourself to special food or a material item?  Do you prioritize others care over your own and have difficulty making time for your own care? And do you want a change? I can relate.

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