Do You Know What the REAL Benefits of Yoga Are (Hint: stretching is only beginning)?

yoga blog post

Hi there, Relief, Confidence, Calm, and Strength-Seekers. We’ve got a bit of work to do around the conventional understanding of Yoga in our culture–so that you can leverage your yoga poses to do so much more than stretch you out.
Sure, you can pick up just about any magazine or scroll through your socials and find scads of images of yoga pants, lean ladies doing yoga poses, and even (often culturally-appropriated) “yoga accessories” to purchase for your “practice.”

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Quick and Effective Mood Relief: Journaling

journaling blog post

I’m dropping in today to go deeper into the practice of journaling.  Every person is different and unique, as are their needs and reasons for having a journaling practice. There are many benefits to journaling (which I go over here) and the reason why you journal will often determine the specific benefits.

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