The Benefits of a Journaling Practice

Journaling Practice

Together meditation and journaling compound to create an extremely effective practice for me to connect with myself and hear my own inner voice.  In this article, I will share some wonderful resources and journal prompts to help you get started or take your journaling practice further as well as an example of one of my recent journal entries.  

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Small Beginnings for Big Changes

small steps to change

Beginnings can be difficult and at the same time exciting.  They can be a bit scary and be a wonderful opportunity.  To make a change, there must be a new beginning and an ending. It’s a simple fact!  Let me break it down in a basic way for now.

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Centering and Grounding Somatic Meditation


It can be challenging to remain connected to your truth and aligned with your values in times of stress. Because this is difficult, it is important to be centered and grounded. Today’s centering and grounding somatic meditation will help you do just that. Somatic simply means being in your body. So, I’ll guide you to…

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