Working with Emotions

Working with emotions

Believe it or not, so many of my clients, my loved ones, and even I struggle with this process. We’ve lived most of our adult life managing–and often stuffing–our feelings, not actually being in the “feels.” 

As humans, we’ve learned early on that it was safer to bury powerful and difficult emotions because they got the message that big feelings are weak–“big boys don’t cry,” vulnerable–“don’t feel sad, it makes me sad,” or inappropriate–“children are meant to be seen and not heard,” and were never allowed to express themselves openly. 

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Learn to Prioritize Yourself

prioritize blog post

You know this moment.

We all do.

You know your plate is completely full, you’re tired beyond means, and you understand mentally that you can’t continue living the way you are.

You’re on the spot to set a boundary and say no. You think you’re ready to offer up your “no.” Every part of your being is burning to speak up…and you physically can’t do it. 

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Let Go of People Pleasing

people pleasing blog post

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

You drop everything when your partner wants to vent after a frustrating day at work and all you really want to do is put your feet up and watch your favorite show.
You say “yes” to birthday celebrations way out of your budget to make sure your friends know you care. 
You find yourself wondering why you agreed to an additional responsibility at work when you are already stressed and overworked.
You give up your workout because you need to clear out your email inbox and don’t have time to workout.

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The Power of No

power of no blog post

The dreaded “no.” It’s only one syllable and two letters, yet it can carry so much energy!
Can you recall a time when “no” was at the tip of your tongue, yet stubbornly the word would just not come out? Perhaps you feared what would happen once the word left your mouth.  I know I have had this experience and so many of my clients share the same story.
When you’re not accustomed to saying no, the word holds a lot of weight, especially with the people closest to you with whom you struggle most to be honest. 

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Build True Self-Worth

self-worth blog post

I believe true self-worth is something that anyone and everyone has and can experience for themself, despite external differences. 

Today, I’ll share what self-worth feels like when done from an “inside-out approach” and the signs of low self-worth. It’s important to understand where you are with how you value yourself, to know where you want to go.

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