You Deserve All You Desire

You deserve all the love, health, wealth, happiness, and success you desire. How does that sit with you when you read this? Perhaps logically, when you read this, you believe it.  It seems true.  However, emotionally, it may not feel true for you and may not align with your beliefs about yourself. You have the power to change your beliefs once you understand what they are and why you have them! Find out how.

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The Antidote to a Busy, Cluttered Mind

Have you ever sat down to meditate and been derailed by a busy overthinking mind, only to give up and move on? Or has your busy mind stopped you from sitting down to practice in the first place?
You are not alone. I could definitely answer yes to those two questions. And a lot of my clients who use meditation have also experienced this challenge.

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The Benefits of a Journaling Practice

Journaling Practice

Together meditation and journaling compound to create an extremely effective practice for me to connect with myself and hear my own inner voice.  In this article, I will share some wonderful resources and journal prompts to help you get started or take your journaling practice further as well as an example of one of my recent journal entries.  

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