When Change Isn’t Only About YOU

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Have you ever noticed that when you try to shift something in your life, big or small, the people around you may behave differently? Unkindly? Get irritated with you? Or even rage, cry, or throw chairs? (Well, I hope not that last thing.)
We are such creatures of habit and identity that when something upsets that equilibrium (even subtly, even for the better), there is usually a message from the people around you to go back to the way things were.

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How to Deepen Your Mindful Transformation (without fear, anxiety, or 2nd thoughts)

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I’m always so excited when I receive stories like the one below. It makes sense to begin your meditation journey in small, compounding steps. And then, you may begin to hunger for a deeper transformational experience. 
Here’s how one of my recent group members found her way to meditation and mindfulness, and the profound mindset shifts and actions she discovered as a result: 

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