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An Open, Honest Letter From Sara; You Don’t NEED Another Course

I will meet you where you are at the start of your journey.  I will help you understand what direction you want to take.  And with my support, your curiosity about yourself (and commitment), and the community of like-minded peers, you will map out your journey, decide what to leave behind, and you will move forward.

Small Beginnings for Big Changes

small steps to change

You are a result of how you spend your time.  To make a change, you need to first become aware of where you are and what you are actually doing.  If you keep doing the same things, your direction can never change.  The next step is to understand where you do want to be going.  And finally, take small steps in that direction.  Sounds simple, right?  Read on for a more detailed approach to beginning to make big changes.

Intrinsic Motivation to Build a Positive Habit

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is essentially the deep reason why something is important to you.  Ultimately, a strong connection to your intrinsic motivation will keep you committed and aligned with your values and what’s important to you.  Intrinsic motivation is a key element needed to build a positive habit of make a change.