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How To Get Relief From Relentless Striving


I’m calling out an element of our culture where I can see some room for change: the constant striving for MORE. Many of us (me too!) can find ourselves stuck in striving mode. What does that mean? It means we’re not quite happy or content unless we’re working hard for MORE. Here are some tools to help.

Patience When Starting a New Habit


So you have set out to develop a new healthy habit.  Perhaps you have chosen to practice meditation or nourishing, mindful movement. It may feel helpful as you’re starting a new behavior to be patient with yourself and the process you’re in. Here’s how patience can look and feel as you move through any habit change or creation.

Start a New Habit

Create a new habit

New, positive habits are fragile things at first. Maybe we know what we should be doing in our lives to feel better, have more confidence, live longer, enjoy better relationships, and more. Yet there is something that has made this change difficult for us in the past. So, how do we make even one healthy habit a non-negotiable when it seems impossible at times? The short answer is release judgements.

21 DAYS TO A HEALTHY, CALMING, JOY-FILLED HABIT (and you’re allowed to be human, too)

21 Day habit change

Most of us want to make our lives better, more fulfilling, and easier. We want to feel more confident, have more choices, and make clear decisions about the present and the future.  We want to be able to stick to healthy habits we choose. A practice that includes mindfulness (the ability to self-reflect, observe our thoughts, and gently redirect them) and body movement may very well be the “magic pill” that can offer the most relief.

A Path to a Life You Love

live your dream life

When conjuring up our dream life, we can get very stuck in fear and hopelessness. Getting relief from the emotional and physical blocks that keep your dream life far away from reality is possible with me and hypnotherapy.  The first step is understanding your beliefs and where they come from that will give you the power to make a change.