What is Healing?

What is healing?

Why is it that we hear stories of spontaneous remission or miraculous healing in others, but it seems out of reach for us? What are those healed people doing right? And what are we doing wrong? Like the title suggests, are you exhausted by the seemingly never-ending healing process and wondering, how do you reach this elusive state of healing, anyway?

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What is the point of meditation, anyway?

what is the point of meditation anyway?

If you’ve never meditated before, the practice can seem very foreign–perhaps something “other people” might do, but not you. You may not even see the point of sitting in stillness for several moments, contemplating….what? Your breath? Your navel? Your woes and worries? How does THAT help anyone, you may wonder. And yet, millions of people find benefit in meditation–and it’s NOT all spiritual or “woo-woo” love-and-light, high-vibration mumbo jumbo, either.

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“This is something I will beat–I will overcome!”

improve sleep with hypnotherapy

There’s nothing better than hearing my clients talk about how Hypnotherapy helped them manage their symptoms, pain, or challenges. 

Have a look at how a Healing Hypnotherapy session helped our recent client Allison overcome the insomnia she was experiencing. (Chronic sleep loss is a form of pain, BTW, it affects every element of our lives–just like chronic physical pain does.)

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