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Practice Gratitude to Ease Anxiety

Practice Gratitude to Ease Anxiety

If you suffer from Anxiety, sometimes it can be difficult to get out of a negative cycle of worry to really enjoy yourself.  The good news is that practicing gratitude has a positive effect on relieving symptoms of anxiety.  And gratitude can be a tool used all year to gain freedom from anxiety. Gratitude has the power to change your perspective.

The Catalyst for Transformation

As humans, we all desire transformation, growth, betterment of some sort. Yet for some, that desired transformation is out of reach. So, what is missing for those desired transformations that simply don’t happen? What is the catalyst for change?

Move on to Joy and Practice Compassion

“We’re here to feel joy and absorb all of life’s beauty we can.  If pain comes, let it pass quickly through.  Then move on to joy.  It’s a conscious choice.” ~ Melody Beattie from “Journey to the Heart”
Today, I choose to nurture my physical and emotional needs with gentle movement and meditation, connect with nature and eat nutritious foods that will support my wellbeing.  Today I choose compassion for other people to reduce suffering (mine and theirs).