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Finding freedom: An inside job: Interview with Br. Phap Vu

interview with brother phap vu

In this interview, Les chats with Brother Phap Vu and explores ideas around finding peace when surrounded by chaos. With so much suffering, how do we navigate our life from a place of joy and happiness? Brother Vu offers insights and a framework in which we can cultivate the qualities of happiness as we are…

Good Medicine: Interview with Angell Deer

Interview with Angell Deer

In this episode, Les sits down (via the interwebs) with Angell Deer. Angell is the founder of the Sanctuary Healing Center in New York where he practices shamanism and a wide variety of healing modalities to allow mother nature’s wisdom to surface. After this conversation you may feel inspired to grab a plant from your…

How Your Posture Relates to Your Life: Interview with Aaron Alexander

Episode 7 How Your Posture Relates to your Life

In this episode, Les sits down with Aaron Alexander to discuss the far-reaching effects our posture has on our body, including our personality traits, and even things such as our memory recall. In his book The Align method, Aaron explores the many relationships our lifestyle habits interact with our posture, and how they pour into…

Exploring the Breath: Interview with Michaël Bijker

episode 6 exploring the breath

In this episode, Les discusses some of the benefits that he has found in a regular breathwork practice. Our breath may be the most important tool we have to interact with our nervous system and our overall sense of well-being. Fortunately for us, this tool is portable and easily accessed. The Life Awareness Project is…