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How Cindy Used Hypnotherapy to Build Confidence

Hypnosis Testimonial Cindy

Hypnotherapy is an exceptionally effective tool for building confidence. And and increase in confidence can positively effect many areas of your life including relationships, career, creativity, mental health, physical health, and abundance (to name just a few.) In this short interview with Cindy, a past client of Sara’s, you will hear her experience leading up…

How Confidence has Impacted Both Sara and Les: Interview

Podcast Sara

Les is excited to continue the conversation with Sara in this second interview with her. Get to know the woman behind the voice of all the meditations, hypnotherapy and courses at The Mindful Movement. In this episode, Les and Sara discuss the what’s new at The Mindful Movement, some of both of their experiences struggling…

The Matrix: Interview with Tanuj Soodan, Spiritual Coach

Podcast Tanuj

In this episode Les chats with YouTube Creator and Spiritual Coach Tanuj Soodan about reality, consciousness, and many things around the topic of energy. It is a fun and interesting conversation and we hope you enjoy too! About Tanuj: His mission is to reach quantum levels of consciousness, and to teach inspire, and share his…

Les Gets Unexpected Therapy: Interview with Rebecca Strong

Interview Rebecca Strong

In this episode, Les chats with EMDR therapist Rebecca Strong about using the nervous system as a tool for healing trauma. Les was interested in how eye movements can help with healing, but didn’t anticipate walking through a child hood trauma in the middle of a podcast. This has apparently helped Les considerably – maybe…

The Ultimate Healing Tool: Interview with James Nestor, Author of Breath

Interview James Nestor

In this episode Les chats with author James Nestor. James delivers some of the key points made in his bestselling book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. James also details some interesting experiences he encountered along the journey of discovery leading up to the book. Enjoy the episode! The book explores the million-year-long…