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Interview with Dr. Melina Roberts / Healing the Body: Begin with the Gut

Healing the body: begin with the gut

In this episode, Les chats with Dr Melina Roberts about a variety of different healing modalities to help build a robust immune system and improve your health status. Dr. Melina Roberts is a Naturopathic Doctor, Author of Building a Healthy Child and Founder of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre in Calgary. She is recognized as one…

Brain Retraining: Getting Unstuck – Interview with Ashok Gupta

brain retraining getting unstuck

In this episode, Les chats with Ashok Gupta to discuss the effects of illness on the nervous system and how the brain can be retrained to allow you to pass through healing plateaus. About Ashok Gupta: The founder of the Gupta program, Ashok Gupta MA(Cantab), MSc, who after suffering from ME/CFS managed to cure himself…

Our Greatest Teachers: An Interview with Mollie Raymond

Episode 14 Mollie Raymond

In this episode Les sits down with one of his greatest teachers, his daughter, Mollie Raymond. Together they discuss a variety of topics to explore the perspectives of a teenaged human growing up in the environment resulting from a pandemic. RESOURCES: “Wand” by: Mollie Raymond writing is such a sacred thing and i feel like…

Finding freedom: An inside job: Interview with Br. Phap Vu

interview with brother phap vu

In this interview, Les chats with Brother Phap Vu and explores ideas around finding peace when surrounded by chaos. With so much suffering, how do we navigate our life from a place of joy and happiness? Brother Vu offers insights and a framework in which we can cultivate the qualities of happiness as we are…

Good Medicine: Interview with Angell Deer

Interview with Angell Deer

In this episode, Les sits down (via the interwebs) with Angell Deer. Angell is the founder of the Sanctuary Healing Center in New York where he practices shamanism and a wide variety of healing modalities to allow mother nature’s wisdom to surface. After this conversation you may feel inspired to grab a plant from your…