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Ignite Your Healing Power: Emotional and Physical Self-Healing Reset

Ignite your healing power

When you need emotional or physical healing, this practice offers a powerful reset for you to reignite your own self-healing ability. Your thoughts and the words used to shape them, can influence your body’s ability to heal. Your body’s cells are in constant communication with each other and collectively they hear what you are thinking,…

Develop Confidence, Self-Worth, and Success While You Sleep

Tonight, build positive beliefs about yourself, improve your confidence, and self- worth all while you sleep with this deep sleep hypnosis practice. By using this deep sleep hypnosis practice daily for at least 21 days, you will imprint these positive beliefs into your subconscious and experience the most powerful, positive transformation. Join Sara Raymond, from…

Morning Meditation for Developing Self-Healing Energy

self healing morning meditation

Start your day on the path of self-healing with this 30 minute Morning Meditation that is designed to build your own innate ability to heal yourself. Your mindset and beliefs are some of the most powerful tools available for healing, more powerful than any man-made medication available. Positive thoughts can have a positive effect on…