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Join Les for Gentle Movement, Breathwork, and Meditation

Les Going live thumbnail

We are so excited to bring you this live practice tonight. Join Les for his relaxing evening routine. He will lead you through some gentle mindful movement, breathwork and a meditation. Enjoy! Remember to make this practice your own and modify when necessary. Bring any props you need to the practice to help make yourself…

Seated Breath and Meditation Practice for Self-Care

Self-care Practice

Join Sara for this 20 minute nourishing seated breath and meditation practice to offer yourself self-care. More information on our program: Move and Meditate. SELF-CARE YOU DESERVE FOR A LIFETIME–Change Your Habits to Spark Joy and Fulfillment  This practice includes: 3-D breathing Body Scan  Reading “Honor the Beginning” from Journey to the Heart by Melody…

15 Minute Meditation for Building True Confidence to Start Your Day

15 minute confidence building

Welcome to this short guided meditation to start you day and build true confidence. Relax into the truth that you are enough and you deserve all that you desire. Develop positive beliefs about yourself using this practice consistently to reinforce your building confidence. If you are interested in removing barriers that may be getting in…

Inner Wisdom, Joy, and Peace Deep Sleep Meditation

inner wisdom sleep meditation

We all have an inner companion. You might think of this companion as a best friend that is always within us. Every time you come to your meditation practice, this inner companion, is with you. This inner companion is your breath, and it has an immense wisdom about you and your needs if you choose…

Design your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization and Meditation

dream life visualization

Relax fully and connect with yourself as you visualize your ideal life so that you can make this dream a reality. Take the first step today to manifest your dream! Aligning your life and your decisions with your authentic self is a part of creating the life of your dreams, and here you can let…