20 minute Meditation to Heal from Past Pain and Trauma

heal past trauma

Healing from past pain and trauma is available. If you love, care for, and heal the child within you, a younger version of yourself that experienced pain, it can positively impact your current self and your future. Some believe time is a human construct that doesn’t really exist on a linear continuum as you might…

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Recover from a Challenging Day Deep Sleep Meditation

recover from challenging day sleep

If you are looking to reduce overall stress or experience emotional or physical healing, this relaxing deep sleep meditation will help you get to sleep quickly and heal throughout your productive night sleep.  By slowing down your breath, you will be able to slow down your body and mind to send a message of comfort…

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Join Les for Gentle Movement, Breathwork, and Meditation

Les Going live thumbnail

We are so excited to bring you this live practice tonight. Join Les for his relaxing evening routine. He will lead you through some gentle mindful movement, breathwork and a meditation. Enjoy! Remember to make this practice your own and modify when necessary. Bring any props you need to the practice to help make yourself…

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