Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: 4 Steps to a Better and Happier You

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One of the issues I encounter in many of my clients is their tendency to resort to LOTS of negative self-talk when they:
Feel stuck in their lives (“Why aren’t I further along? Why can’t I seem to just get it together like my friends or family? What’s WRONG with me?”)
Can’t seem to speak up for what they want (“UGH, I’m such a coward!”)
Feel depressed, anxious, or low (“I shouldn’t feel bad—I have everything to be grateful for!”)
My favorite technique with these lovely people is to ask them, “What would you say to your best friend who struggles with the same challenges you have now?”

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Find your Focus in Meditation, Arrive in the Present Moment

anchor tip

In this video, Les explores various anchors ranging from the traditional to the modern. Using an anchor to rest one’s attention can be a portal into the present moment. Mindfulness Made Easy: Homedics Drift —————————————————————————————————- Join our FREE 21 Day Movement and Meditation Commitment: Amplify your unshakeable worthiness through daily body, brain, and soul nourishment…

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5 Surprising Benefits of Hypnotherapy

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Though mindfulness is a huge step in the pathway toward self-confidence, fulfillment, bravery, and taking action on your goals and dreams, sometimes we can still encounter frustrating blocks to progress.
Those blocks could mean that you have some—or a lot of—lingering and deeply ingrained messages about what you’re “allowed” to do, be, think, or become in your life while still feeling safe, comfortable, and secure. 

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Don’t be Fooled by the Grass on the Other Side

grass is greener

In this mindful tip, Les recounts a recent experience that allowed him to uncover a hidden source of joy that was a lot closer than expected. We hope it may inspire you to uncover an opportunity for yourself too. Do not listen while driving. Meditation is a powerful tool to support your healing journey. It…

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