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EMF 101 (Electro Magnetic Frequency): Interview with Anthony Smith

Interview Anthony Smith

Mitigation of non-native electromagnetic frequencies begins with awareness. In this episode Les chats with Anthony Smith from EMFSafe and gets the low down on the potential exposure of dirty electricity that we are subject to. These frequencies are a part of our indoor environments and can have a deleterious effect on our biology if gone unchecked. Hope you enjoy the episode!

Walk This Way: Interview with Laura Brazeal

Interview Laura Brazeal

In this episode Les catches up with and old friend and colleague. Laura Brazeal has walked her way out of an unfulfilling occupation into a life lived at “human speed.” Laura has a great energy and a lot to offer the world. Enjoy the episode!

What it Means to be Metabolically Fit with Casey Means

Interview Casey Means

In this episode Les chats with Levels Health co-founder Casey Means. Casey schools Les on metabolic fitness and how accounting for our metabolic health can help us dodge the most common disease processes. Les has been testing their latest glucose monitor and it has been quite an eye opening experience with many lessons.