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Mindful Tip: Permission to Let Go

Today’s tip is about the practice of letting go.  Easy to talk about, not so easy to allow and experience.  People ask us all the time, “How do I just let it go?” We can learn lessons from many different places.  This lesson was inspired by one of our greatest teachers, our child. We hope…

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Seeing the Gift (Part 2): A Mindful Tip

Today’s tip is part 2 about seeing the gifts in your life. We have the choice about how to shape how we shape our experiences. There are lessons we can all gain from the relationship between parent and child. Les will give you a glimpse into his experience with his parents and as a parent…

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Seeing the Gift a Guided Mindfulness Meditation

This guided mindfulness meditation is a calling from within. I will guide you today to look inward to discover what can be learned about yourself. You can wake up to the many gifts that are intertwined with all of our life experiences. If we take a moment and ask ourselves – what do I know…

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