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20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation for Letting Go — Symbolism of Fall

By Sara Raymond | 10/09/2018

Join Sara as she guides you through a 20-minute mindfulness meditation for letting go, contemplating the symbolism of the season of Fall. Each of the seasons has it’s own energy…

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Mindful Tip: Box Breathing

By Sara Raymond | 10/03/2018

Today’s Mindful Tip is sharing with you a simple breathing technique called box breathing that you can practice to calm down and be present in a short amount of time.…

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Cultivate Self-Love While You Sleep–A Guided Meditation with Delta Waves

By Sara Raymond | 10/02/2018

Welcome to this guided sleep meditation with a body scan especially for deep relaxation. As you prepare for a deep and relaxing night’s sleep, you will be cultivating a sense…

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Foundational Movement Practice Two: 16 Minutes

By Sara Raymond | 09/25/2018

This is a 16-minute practice going through the foundational patterns. This can be used to either start your day or to prepare for more strenuous activity. The sequence of the…

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Five-Minute Guided Meditation for Gratitude

By Sara Raymond | 09/24/2018

Take 5 minutes out of your busy day to practice the meditation for gratitude. It is a great guided meditation for first thing in the morning or last thing before…

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Design Your Dream Life
A Guided Visualization

Are you living the life of your dreams?

Are you happy with your life and the direction you are going?

Lao Tzu once said, “If you do not change the direction, you may end up where you are heading.“

Make a change TODAY!

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This practice will give you an opportunity to:

  • Design your dream life and clarify your values
  • Begin to develop positive habits and live intentionally
  • Connect with your authentic self and let go of resistance

Design Your Dream Life

A Guided Visualization