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We facilitate an environment to empower growth among a community of like minded individuals who strive to live mindfully in all aspects of their lives.

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Let Go of Worry and Fear and Cultivate Peace
By Sara Raymond | 09/04/2019

Join Sara Raymond from The Mindful Movement for this 20 minute guided mindfulness meditation to help you let go of fear and worry to cultivate peace during uncertain times.

When it feels like everything is out of your control, seek to connect with what you do have control over—Your breath and your response to your experience. In times of uncertainty—anxiety, worry, and fear are often heightened. These strong emotions are a signal, a reminder for you to deepen your connection with yourself. You can choose to see these uncertain times as an opportunity to slow down, practice inner reflection, and look for the positive growth that will come out of the challenges that we are collectively facing.

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